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Electricity Garden


Providing an aerial view of the garden, Electricity Garden resembles orientation maps typically found in much larger parks and historical sites and explores the gap between the blueprint and the garden, between the ideal representation and actual reality.


Electricity Garden, permanent display at HaHashmal Garden, Tel Aviv , 2012

This ceramic piece is permanently mounted at HaHashmal ("Electricity") Garden in Tel Aviv, which is known as an unmarked border between some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city and some of its wealthiest. 


Electricity Garden, Public space installation at HaHashmal garden, Tel Aviv (permanent display), Silk printing on ceramic tiles, 16.5 x 12.5', 2014


The digital illustration before it was printed on the ceramic tiles.

An aerial view of Gan Ha'Hashmal, which the illustration was based on.

This project was commissioned by ARTPORT TELAVIV & The Ted Arison Family Foundation.

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