I was born in Israel to a Jewish family that immigrated from North Iraq and grew up on the seam of conflicting identities: My family’s Islamic-country origins on one hand and our European-dominated environment on the other. This cultural split made me constantly juggle between different cultural codes; an experience that deepened even further since I moved to the United States and became an immigrant myself, eight years ago.

My main motivation as an artist is to shatter cultural, racial, and political stereotypes, to bring together clashing world views. I believe that art enables us to break boundaries and understand languages we don’t speak. Through art, I collaborate with people from places my passport won’t allow me to enter, such as Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In days of travel bans and conflicts, my works smuggle the voices of these places back into the US.

B. 1980, Petah Tikva, Israel

Lives and works in Connecticut, USA

Ido Michaeli is a multidisciplinary artist who works with fiber art, videos, and paintings. His projects combine fiber art, conceptual art, and traditional crafts and raise questions of post-colonialism, identity politics, and the global economy.


Micheali's works are conceptually driven, yet aesthetically elaborated. He creates mesmerizing images, rich in details and references, and sends them overseas to be hand-woven on luxurious fabrics by traditional crafters.